Founder Page For Nath Hospital

Shri Devendra Nath (Late) and Dr Usha Nath have been advocating for the health of underprivileged, under-represented and socio-economically disadvantaged citizens of Ranchi and its surrounding for the last 20 + years.
They started Nath Social Services Limited in their home in Ashoknagar. Then after substantial growth, moved to Kadru, Ranchi. Shri D. Nath was the chief architect in management and oversaw the business aspect of the services. Dr Nath donated substantial amount of her time and expertise in the health care of women, focusing on difficult cases, which other OBGYN could not deal with.
Jharkhand is one of the most under-developed states in India. This has resulted in lack of health care services for its people. Dr Nath and Shri D. Nath in their vision saw that and donated a lot of their finances, time and effort towards the upliftment of health care in this region.
Today, Dr Usha Nath in her seventies is still advocating strongly and with a loud voice for the women folk in poor areas. She knows that the health of the women, results in the greater health of children and thereby greater prosperity and better livelihood of the whole area. Her focus is primarily cervical cancer and to that effect has done major camps throughout Ranchi and its surroundings.
The continued growth and effort of Nath Social Services Limited is a story still unfolding. Come and join us in our effort.